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Known as the birthplace of scuba diving in the Philippines, Anilao is a tropical haven for scuba divers and dive photographers alike for its rich biodiversity and beautiful waters.


Anilao is blessed with fair tropical weather and temperatures of 28°C for most of the year.

With crystal clear visibility and cool waters, the summer months of March to May and the cold months of January to February are the most popular times for both local and foreign divers to visit Anilao.

Marine Life

Located at the heart of the Coral Triangle and known as the “center of the center” of marine biodiversity, Anilao is home to more than half of the Philippines’ documented shore fish species as well as over 300 species of coral.

Teeming with marine life, the waters of Anilao are home to schools of jacks, gleaming barracuda, and frogfish. Divers have managed to see mimic octopuses, seahorses, sea turtles, reef sharks, and even young whale sharks—as well as to capture them on camera.

Local tour guides also call Anilao the Nudibranch Capital of the World, with over 100 species of sea slug endemic to Anilao. As recently as 2015, more than 40 new varieties were discovered by CAL researchers!

By now, it might sound like you know all there is to know about Anilao, but believe us: There’s even more to discover beneath the surface.

Dive Destinations

From Casa Escondida, you have access to over 40 of Anilao’s breathtaking diving
destinations—with more being discovered every day! Attractions include colorful reefs,
caverns, walls, and even sea grass beds for muck diving, which are popular with macro

Nearby dive sites that can be easily reached by boat include Cathedral, Koala, and Eagle Point.

Other popular dive sites in the vicinity include Mainit, Saddle, Bahura, Dari Laut, Beatrice, Sombrero Island, Twin Rocks,Ligpo, and Dive and Trek.